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The Sheen for She Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to women empowerment, rights, and leadership. An outlet for women and girls to grow, Sheen for She is an opportunity to embrace self-care and harness self-esteem.

Sheen for She offers free medical esthetics for women who have seen the many faces of life, transforming them into confident warriors ready to take on the world.

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The Mission

Self Esteem

Self- Esteem


Medical Esthetics



Many talented women do not chase their dreams because they lack confidence and esteem. That is a scenario we can change. Looking to volunteer?

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Our foundation grants free, high-end, Medical Esthetic services to uplift the spirits of all women. Want to be a Sheen Queen?

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Our innovative and heartwarming workshops educate our Sheen Queens about self-care, leadership and the workplace. Wish to be a guest speaker?

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Our Supporters

While we were out and about, they had our backs. Thank you to all of our champions for gearing us to change the world, and having faith in our quest - because we couldn't have done it without them.

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