The Sheen for She Foundation envisions a future where confident, ambitious, and proud women participate in changing the world. Our mission is to ensure that no woman is denied a life of high self-esteem because of her circumstances.

The Sheen for She Foundation/Éclat Pour Elle Fondation is the only non-profit organization in Canada that focuses on improving the lives of female survivors of sexual abuse, violence, financial crises, homelessness, and mental illness by restoring their confidence through self-care, free medical esthetic services, self care workshops, and motivational speakers.

We founded this organization in the loving memories of a woman who was very close to our hearts. Her name was Anie.

Anie was a woman of mystery. She concealed the realities of her life so well that people around would only sense her joyfully playful personality. A few knew that she faced severe domestic abuse and violence behind the doors. We could not help her because we were thousands of miles apart.

She loved fashion and skin care. Even though she was not allowed to do anything, her desires of being herself shone through in the way she elegantly adjusted her clothes to the way she curled, with her finger, a small strand of hair that framed the side of her face. In her last days, no one was there for her. She took her final breaths on the cold floor of an overcrowded shelter; with a days old empty stomach, a tongue desperate for water, and eyes overcome with the sadness of how she had spent her precious life.

Anie was a victim of domestic abuse and violence, yet she used fashion and self-care as an outlet of relief and uplifting.

This was the moment when I realized how important it is for a woman to love herself. Not because that love will solve her problems, but so that she will be able to rise up, taking her hurt soul into a dimension where healing takes place.

As I educated myself on this issue, I realized what self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love do to a woman's spirit.

Since discovering the factors that influence the becoming a strong woman, I decided that my work to change the world would begin on the inside and work it's way out. The Sheen for She Foundation has been providing free medical esthetics, self-defence training, healing circle programs, and speaking opportunities to underprivileged and vulnerable women in Toronto. The term "vulnerable women" defines any woman who is a survivor of or is currently suffering from domestic abuse/violence, sexual abuse, refugee immigration status, financial crises, homelessness, and mental illness.

Sheen for She services aim to uplift and heal a woman's spirit. We target a woman's courage to renew her life and harness the power of confidence. Change in a vulnerable woman's life must start with herself. She must believe that she is strong, capable, and priceless.

Recognizing self-worth is equal to survival.


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