I recently moved to the neighborhood near Danforth village, I was excited to try out Sheen Day Spa, it has been a while since I had gone for a Facial and massage. For me, going to a spa is about the whole experience- not just the service itself. I like to go somewhere that has a great atmosphere, cleanliness and has clearly thought about the details.

Sheen Day Spa did not disappoint me. The massage with body polish, I had was amazing- one of the best massages I have had–and I have visited top spas in both America and Canada. The active partner Sophia explained to me the procedure in detail during consultation, when talking with Sophia it is clear that she loves the community here and is passionate about her business. She believes strongly she has something unique to offer Danforth village.

The facial I had at Sheen Day Spa was seriously the best facial I have ever had, and I am a spa junkie and have had a lot of facials. It was relaxing, all encompassing, and I felt completely taken care of during the facial. It was customized to me personally, and I walked out of there positively glowing.

I noticed while I was in the spa that, the prices Sheen day Spa charges are higher than other places to get similar services in the neighborhood, but are very much in line with prices elsewhere in Toronto. To offset it they offer very attractive promotions online and in store especially for the walk-in clients.

Overall, Sheen Day Spa is the type of business I am happy to support local run by a dedicated small business and offering high quality services to Danforth area, Often the talk about the quality of the businesses revolves around restaurants and retail establishments. I believe it’s time for Danforth residents to have access to high quality spa services without having to travel elsewhere in Toronto.