From changing lives to having your life changed, Sheen for She is something special for everyone

Sheen Queens

The Sheen for She Foundation/Éclat pour Elle Fondation focuses on improving the lives of female survivors of sexual abuse, violence, financial crises, homelessness, and mental illness by restoring their confidence through self-care and concentrating on one of our most ignored organs – skin. All participants are referred to as Sheen Queens because we believe that every woman should not be denied their right to write and rule the story of their own life.

The organization offers both one-on-one Medical Esthetic services and educational workshops to all eligible participants. Apply to be a Sheen Queen and change all aspects of your business, school, work, home, and personal lives. You can turn your world around.

Volunteer with Us

Volunteering has untold benefits for individuals who engage in it, but it becomes even more magical when you stand witness to the results of your work. As a volunteer, you will work for and with Sheen Queens as well as gain awareness of women’s issues in today’s society. Lend a helping hand to the women who reside in your community has the potential of unleashing an abundance of untouched talents hidden in the walls of our buildings, shelters, home, and schools. You can make it happen.

**Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Volunteers do not have to be female to apply. Successful applicants must serve a minimum term of 20 hours and be 15 years of age or older at the start of their term. Questions? Contact us.

Sheen Speaker's Cabinet

If you are in the pursuit of delivering a message to the world; then it is time to raise your voice and say what you need to say. The Sheen Speaker’s Cabinet is an open platform for leaders to share, discuss, and empower audiences. Join a team that works hard to inspire Sheen Queens and the community. Speakers will be provided with speaking opportunities but are also encouraged to create their own.

Experience is not a requirement to join. Do not feel discouraged by your lack of knowledge, Sheen for She ensures a welcoming and educational environment for passionate individuals who want to take their public speaking skills to the next level. For training, mentors will be assigned to new speakers.

While our Sheen Queen services are reserved for women; the Cabinet is for anyone who would like to join, regardless of gender. Sheen Speaker’ Cabinet applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Successful applicants must serve a minimum term of 12 months and be 15 years of age or older during their time on the Sheen Speaker’s Cabinet.


Stay up to date on all Sheen for She events, initiatives, and ways to get involved. Share your thoughts with us and reply to mail you receive.

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