The Sheen for She Healing Circle is a unique program that brings to the forefront the voices of current, prospective, and former Sheen Queens.
These voices carry hope, opinions, ideas, and they are not in society's spotlight. The idea is that they must be heard. These voices are not just sounds; they are words that storm together to illustrate stories that may convince even the eldest that they have not seen everything just yet. And always, there is more to come.

Our conversations will occasionally include special guests, such as dentists, nutritionists, doctors, psychologists, and lawyers. With the help of these professionals, the Sheen Queens will get opportunities to ask questions, and learn about health and legal matters.

Because with these neglected and ignored voices, society is missing out on an untouched pool of human knowledge. When they feel they are ready, every Sheen Queen is encouraged to take the Healing Circle as a bridge that carries them over to the real world, where they are inspired to write, speak, and share their lives. Vulnerable women sometimes resort to silence and hide away the brilliance of their voices. We look forward to a future where no voice is silenced or crushed.


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