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Sheen is for She



The Sheen for She Foundation/Éclat pour Elle Fondation was founded in May 2018 in the loving memory of a woman close to our hearts. Her life was the epitome of all the hardships a woman can experience when she has no one to lean on. Her courage, perseverance, and ability to carry herself with dignity, was exemplary then, and it is legendary now.


She loved fashion and skin care. Even though she was not allowed to do anything, her desires of being herself shone through in the way she elegantly adjusted her clothes to the way she curled, with her finger, a small strand of hair that hung from her forehead. In her last days, we could not be there for her. She took her final breaths on the cold stone floor of an overcrowded shelter; with a days old empty stomach, a tongue desperate for water, and eyes overcome with the sadness of how she had spent her precious life.


When we came; it was too late.
She had not been remembered by anyone at the time of her death.


Sheen is for she who lives like a warrior.
Sheen is for she who wants a difference.
Sheen is she who loves herself.
Sheen for She.


To her peace; may no woman ever have to walk her steps.