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What is radiofrequency?

RF conduct current and act as part of the electrical circuit, produce heat which is used to thicken tissues. RF system passes high-energy radio waves into the skin to stimulate deep heating of the tissues. This causes shortening of the elastin fibers, giving the immediate visible effect of tissue contraction and skin tightening. It penetrates deep into the skin and affects the deeper dermis and subcutaneous layers, bring improvements to the underlying tissue structure and change in skin texture, reduction in fine lines/ wrinkles and saggy skin. RF allows a quicker interchange of nutrients between cells. Sick or unhealthy cells accept the radio frequency current more readily in greater amount, compared to healthy cells. Within a few seconds, toxins are removed from the area & tissues are regenerated & revitalized, receiving enough oxygen to function properly. Wrinkles, orange peel appearance is reduced & the skin appears fresher youthful with a more radiant texture.

What areas can radiofrequency treat

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Belly/Tummy Tuck, Decollete, Feet (No Soles), Full Arms, Full Back, Full Face, Full Legs, Hands, Lower Arms, Lower Legs, Neck, Upper Arms, Upper Legs