A woman's face and body, represent who she is and are the first part of her persona that impacts how she feels about herself. In a new effort to motivate women to be bold, courageous and fierce, medical esthetics are provided free of charge to Queens.

When Queens are treated by professionals, they are cared for. Every treatment carries a thought, attention and time by a professional who understands and recognizes the needs of the woman's skin. With this knowledge, each treatment focusses on the areas that need the most attention. As a result, women fees pampered and notice the progress they are making.

Above all, medical esthetics boosts the self-esteem that confident women exude. The face is the first thing that people see, and women should feel proud to present who they are. Their appearance should not stand in the way of their goals. In their mind, they will know, without a doubt, they are beautiful.


Self-Defense Training

A significant part of the vulnerability experienced by women can be derived from their inability to defend themselves. The perpetrator of abuse or violence usually has a physical advantage over their victims. However, this plot can be changed when a woman educates herself in the basics of self-defense. Primary self-defense skills can become the difference between a victim and a survivor.

Self-defense training will begin with a guided meditation. Afterward, the training becomes more than just learning to defend. It is accompanied by learning discipline, getting exercise, releasing stress, improving focus, developing mental concentration, increasing flexibility, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. By engaging in physical activity, women develop healthier minds and positive attitudes. Healthy women lead healthy societies.

Violence is a real threat to a woman's life, but it can be lessened if she has the ability to fight off her attacker and escape. Sheen for She offers the fundamentals of self-defense through short private lessons so that every woman can learn at her pace and pass on those skills to her friends and family. We believe in a future where women feel confident to walk on their own because they are capable of ensuring their safety.

Healing Circles

The Sheen for She Healing Circle is a unique program that brings to the forefront the voices of current, prospective, and former Sheen Queens. These voices carry hope, opinions, ideas, that are not in society's spotlight. The idea is that they must be heard. These voices are not just sounds; they are words that storm together to illustrate stories that may convince even the eldest that they have not seen everything just yet. And always, there is more to come.

Our conversations will occasionally include special guests, such as dentists, nutritionists, doctors, psychologists, engineers, and lawyers. With the help of these professionals, the Sheen Queens will get opportunities to ask questions and learn about the resources available to them.

With these neglected and ignored voices, society is missing out on an untouched pool of human experiences. When they feel they are ready, every Sheen Queen is encouraged to use the Healing Circle as a bridge that carries them over to the real world, where they are inspired to write, speak, and share their lives. Women sometimes resort to silence and hide away the brilliance of their voices. We look forward to a future where no voice is silenced or crushed.


Self-Care Workshops

Sheen for She is all about enabling women. We follow the proverb of teaching one to catch fish, rather than catch one for them. Hence, all of our programs are designed to be forwardable. Once learned, a woman can do it all her life and teach others to do the same. Our self-care workshops include image consultancy, skin care regimes, personal make-up application, grooming, dressing, and hair styling.

Image consultancy is transformational because it improves the personal and professional appearance of women. Every consultancy is customized, designed to augment social status, and expand job possibilities.

To make skin care and make-up products more accessible to less privileged women, we are looking for in-kind sponsors so that our Sheen Queens can walk away with something to take home and use. Every referral and recommendation counts and is appreciated.

Program Calendar

All esthetic appointments must be booked in advance within the outlined time slots.
To participate in meet-ups, please confirm your attendance at least 24-hours before.

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