A significant part of the vulnerability experienced by women can be derived from their inability to defend themselves. The perpetrator of abuse or violence usually has a physical advantage over their victims. However, this plot can be changed when a woman educates herself in the basics of martial arts. Primary self-defense skills can become the
difference between a dead victim and a survivor.

Self-defense training will begin with guided meditation. Afterwards, the training becomes more than just learning to fight. It is accompanied with learning discipline, getting exercise, releasing stress, improving focus, developing mental concentration, increasing flexibility and lowering blood pressure and heart rate. By engaging in physical activity, women develop healthier minds and positive attitudes. Healthy women lead to healthy societies.

Violence is a real threat to a woman's life, but it can be lessened if she has the abilities to fight off her attacker and escape. Sheen for
She offers the fundamentals of self-defense through short private lessons so that every woman can learn at her pace and pass on those skills to her friends and family. We believe in a future where women feel confident to walk on their own because they are capable of ensuring their safety.


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