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The Sheen for She Foundation is the first non-profit organization in Canada to assemble vital self-care services and provide them to underprivileged women, free of charge. By doing so, we are opening the doors to a $532 billion dollar industry, making them accessible to those who need them most, and addressing social inequalities in our community. Violence against women, poverty, and mental illness, are among some of the many prevalent issues we actively work to abolish.

As a team, we work with 120 - 150 Queens per month and enable them to take control of their lives, regain their dignity, and develop inner strength.

"I have always practiced self-care for myself and it is exciting to be a part of an organization alleviates the well being of both the volunteers and the Queens.
It is so rewarding to accompany women as they are on their path to change.
I will never forget the lives in which I played a part in changing and the empowering results are right in front of me."

- She League Member

Qualifications & Eligibility

- Licensed professional with experience
- If you are applying to work directly with Queens, you must provide a police clearance letter
- Minimum 1 year commitment

Volunteering Benefits

- Make your own flexible schedule
- Bring change to the lives of women

Available Roles

We have room for every talent and ability on our team


Doctors, Dentists, Dermatologists & Nurses
Optometrists, Dieticians & Nutritionists
Lawyers, Police Officers
Fitness Coaches, Life Coaches, Image Consultants
Yoga Leaders, Meditationers & Counsellors
Self-Defense and Martial Arts Professionals
Esthetics, Hairs & Make-Up Professionals
Photographers & Videographers


SEO & Social Media Marketers
Event Planners
Fundraising Specialists
Administrative Assistants
Web Developers
App Developers
Finance & Book-keepers

Don't find anything specific to you? Become a General Volunteer.

General volunteers can participate both in-person and online.
They take part in subteams of their choice and don't require professional experience to help out.
You must be 14 or older to apply as a general volunteer.


Don't just take it from us, hear from our team!

Another way to show your support

If you cannot dedicate your time, consider donating to the cause. We keep our service costs low, so your investment goes towards what you care about.

Join us in expanding female horizons.
Give $50 to support a Queen.

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